Tuesday, February 26, 2019

10 Tips for Healthy and Beautiful Skin

10 Tips for Healthy and Beautiful Skin

10 Tips for Healthy and Beautiful Skin

1 - Start the day with a ritual that leaves the pH of the blood more alkaline. For this, drink in the morning, fast, 1 cup of warm water with lemon and 1 capsule of probiotics. Taking a green detox juice also ensures a good dose of antioxidants, alkalizing and fiber that will help eliminate toxins and fight free radicals. Collateral effect: a healthier and more beautiful skin, among other benefits.

2 - Forehead area is related to functioning of the kidneys and liver. If it is very dry, increase water consumption throughout the day by adding a little lemon. This will ensure an accelerated metabolism, fat burning and alkaline pH, all good for health and beauty.

3- Exfoliation: do not leave out of your skin care ritual. Mechanical exfoliation with the hands helps eliminate dead cells and activates the circulation, in addition to preparing the skin to absorb the nutrients of its moisturizing cream.

4- Wash your face immediately after training or excessive sweating. Dayle warns that leaving to wash your face only at home or at bath time allows salt and fat, released with sweat, to solidify and clog pores, creating a perfect environment for acne and pimples.

5- How to deal with a spine? The tip is to switch ice and a heat source. Place an ice cube gently on the spine, leave for a few seconds and alternate with hot water or other heat source; repeat 4 or 5x. It ensures that the procedure decreases swelling, exterminates the bacteria and prevents the spine from evolving into an alien.

6.Keep a healthy diet. Avoid processed and industrialized foods rich in additives, such as dyes and preservatives. Invest in a diet rich in whole foods, fruit and vegetable antioxidants. Choose lean proteins and good sources of omega 3 and 6 like salmon, sardines, nuts and flaxseed. Another recommendation is to be alert to the proper functioning of the intestine - if there is problem in eliminating toxins, your skin will report!

7- For dry skin the indication is water. Try applying a mist of water before sunscreen or moisturizer.

8- Sugar stimulates premature aging. The glycation process affects collagen and elastin, modifying the structure and performance of these protein molecules, favoring the appearance of wrinkles, loss of elasticity and skin brightness.

Another aggravating factor of the consumption of sugar is the increase of yeast and candida, which, in addition to other annoyances, facilitates the appearance of rash and acne. Alcoholic beverages, including wine, fall into the category of sugar ... Ahhh noooooo!

9- Sleep quality sleep, from 6 to 8 hours a night (the ideal varies from person to person), is one of the secrets of a luminous skin.

10- And, finally, reduce stress to a minimum. In this regard, she believes that the practice of meditation can bring many benefits, including for appearance.

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