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20 tips how to lose weight in a week

20 tips how to lose weight in a week

20 tips how to lose weight in a week

Stop seeing your weight loss plan as a nightmare and start seeing results without sacrifices. Sometimes the simplest things are the most effective and it was in that sense that we chose these 20 tips that are no more than simple gestures that you can easily incorporate into your day to day life in the name of weight loss! Choose the best one for you or combine several for a diet packed with successes.

1.Ally yourself to a professional.

     Consulting and being followed by a nutritionist is a great way to start a diet, maintain it, and turn it into a healthy lifestyle. In addition to advice, a nutritionist is still an important source of motivation.

2.Do not get addicted to the scale.

Hopefully weigh ourselves 3 times a day. On the contrary, it will contribute to increasing levels of frustration that, if not well controlled, quickly lead to withdrawal. To see the results really, once weigh ourselves at most.

3.Symbol of motivation.

It could be a beautiful evening dress or your favorite jeans ... what matters is that the chosen symbol is in sight to remind you daily what your mission is. After a few weeks, try on this piece of clothing and see how it finally does not jam on your thighs! I'm just one more short ...

4.Calories vs. physical exercise.

    To lose weight, you need to eat fewer calories or burn more calories. Generally, weight loss plans focus on the first ... Why do not they choose the second? Especially for those who have great difficulties in changing their eating habits ... there is nothing like experimenting.

 5.Fresh from the day.

    Eliminate processed, frozen, and pre-cooked foods once and for all, opting instead for daily fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh meat and fish. In addition to losing weight, these changes bring even more benefits - less fatigue and headaches.

6.Breakfast always.

    The first meal of the day is the most important meal for a number of reasons: it breaks the long fast of the night (this is precisely what "break-fast" means), provides the energy needed for the day ahead, and regulates the appetite for ensure that in the next meal do not eat anything that appears ahead.

7.Occasional temptations.

    Try to link your food "sins" to special occasions: for example, you eat ice cream whenever you go to the movies; having pizza come is a tradition on Friday night. It's all right. Keeping these "traditions" is giving a special meaning to these foods, reserving them exclusively at these times and avoiding excesses.

8.Throw cereal.

    Instead of the usual mixed toast, croissants or cakes, at snack time opt for a bowl of cereal with lean milk: a satisfying meal, tasty, easy to vary (just change the type of cereal) and low in calories.

9.Seduce your taste buds.

    Swap fast food for organic or macrobiotic food, try vegetarian meals, international cuisine or sushi. Awaken your taste buds to new, healthier and surprisingly delicious food experiences.

10.Switch dish.

    Eating less is harder than you might think, even when you are motivated to lose weight. Try changing a normal meal / dinner dinner for a sweet plate. Although it accommodates 40% less food, seeing it full is an excellent psychological motivator.

 11.Eat alone.

    Whenever possible, have lunch or dinner alone: ​​being surrounded by people, it is easier to repeat doses and commit excesses (for example, to finish the kids' food). Dine before or after the family, taking your already prepared dish to another room in the house that does not cook it and enjoy the meal, returning only when everyone is finished. When disciplined, share meals with family.

12.H2O miraculous.

    It's amazing the weight you can easily lose by replacing soft drinks and alcohol with water. For those who need a touch of flavor, simply add a slice of lemon or mint leaves to your glass of water or else drink hot or cold tea, preferably without sugar. Easier is impossible.

13.Take a break.

    If the feeling of deprivation is putting your diet at risk, there is nothing like taking a break. There are those who follow a strict diet during the week and allow some excesses over the weekend. When it is plagued by a sweet desire, remember that there are only two days left for the Sabbath.

14.Teeth washed.

    Finish dinner, wash your teeth first. Apart from the toothpaste changing, in a negative way, the taste of food, this can work as a sign that you will not eat anything else today.

 15.Brave stretching.

    If aerobics, swimming, running or jogging are not for you, how about experiencing something more relaxing? In addition to increasing energy levels and overall well-being, stretches that feature modalities like yoga and pilates tone the body, meaning goodbye fat!

16.To deceive the hunger.

    You are not hungry but you feel like eating something. Do you see yourself in this scenario? Do not indulge in the temptations of "emotional food" -the next time you are "mugged" by this will see your e-mail, flip through the magazine you just bought or read a chapter of your book. If you feel hungry after 15 minutes, then eat. But, the most certain thing is to let yourself be absorbed by what you are doing and forget about food.

17.Healthy distractions.

    If you have difficulty making your walk or jogging daily, try to go with an audio book; if you are at home and your bike or stroller calls you unsuccessfully, turn on the television and watch the news or an episode of your favorite series. Nor will time go by!

18.Leave home.

    Whether it be to stroll downtown, to the mall, to attend a course or go to the supermarket, to replace the act of being closed at home in front of the television surrounded by snacks, for a few hundred steps and fresh air is a help precious to shrink your waist.

 19.Feel what you lost.

    The next time you feel like crawling, take 2 pounds of sugar or a 5-pound bag of potatoes.

20.Celebrate every victory.

Set a realistic goal and whenever you lose 2 pounds, treat yourself for example. Recognition of the effort made is the motivation you need to take one more step towards success and achieving the desired result.

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