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10 foods to stop diarrhea and recover

10 foods to stop diarrhea and recover

Except for severe cases, diarrhea is a response or mild reaction of the organism to certain external or internal aggressions. The best thing is to alleviate it with food and dietary habits that help the body recover normalcy.


Boiled white rice, in addition to not having fiber, releases its starch and favors the increase in the density of feces.

Take it boiled, in small amounts, 1 or 2 times a day.


Grate the apple and let it darken a little so it develops more tannins. Only then is it beneficial for diarrhea. In fact, if you eat a raw apple and with the skin it will give you a lot of fiber, and it will be ideal to treat the opposite problem: constipation.

Take 1 grated apple a day, especially useful if there is a lot of diarrhea.


This root is native to China and, according to its traditional medicine, helps to harmonize the digestive system, as it calms diarrhea, regulates constipation and prevents vomiting.

You will find it in pieces of whitish color. Take 2 tablespoons a day, diluted in water or apple juice without sugar.

You can also prepare it in infusion:

In a saucepan, put a teaspoon of kuzu and a cup of water.
Heat until boiling, stirring, and then simmer, until dissolved.


It gives potassium and starch to our body and give lot of  benefits to us.

In addition, it is rich in tannins.

Eat 1 banana a day, well ripe.


You have to look for it without pasteurizing. Also, it can not be subjected to high temperatures.

Add one spoon without fat, one day on the vegetable floor.


Very rich in minerals, it is digestive and ideal for flavoring vegetable broths and boiled rice. Along with carrots and onions, it also helps soothe and reduce inflammation of the digestive system and its mucosa.

Take this tuber 1 or 2 times a day, adding it to the rice at the time of boiling it or a broth.


Umeboshi plums are Japanese plums fermented with salt and sisho leaves.

Besides being rich in vitamin C and possessing a great disinfecting power, they help to maintain the necessary acidic medium in the mucosa of the stomach and intestine.

You can find plates like pasta or vinegar, such as plots.

For the diarrhea it is practically Mumbai's hand. Take half a teaspoon a day, leaving it under your tongue.


In the case of diarrhea, you have to eat it cooked and not raw; This changes the fiber and helps relax the intestinal mucosa.

Take 1 a day with white rice, all well boiled.


This Japanese tea is very low in tein and caffeine, but very high in minerals needed to replenish those that are lost.

It is also rich in tannins, polyphenols of astringent taste that act as antidiarrheals, antifungals, antibacterials and antioxidants.

You can drink 2 cups of this Japanese tea daily at the beginning of diarrhea, and reduce it to 1 cup when you notice improvement.


It provides minerals and trace elements that are lost during the diarrheal process.

If you prepare it in decoction, it releases its mucilage, a type of soluble fiber that benefits the microbiota, deflates and softens the mucosa of the intestine.

The most practical is to add it to the broth or to cook rice, twice a day. In addition, its glutamic acid will provide flavor and soften the fibers of other foods during cooking.

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