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Health benefits of Mangosteen

Health benefits of Mangosteen

Monongsteen (Garcina mangostana) A tropical fruit is said to provide many health benefits. The fruit tastes a little sweet and sour.

In the form of mangostine juice is widespread.

Mangosteen uses
In Southeast Asia, the mangong's stem is used for medicinal purposes as generations. Mangosteen supports the following health problems:

  • Acne
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes

In addition, some proponents say mangosteen can promote healthy skin and weight loss.

Benefits of Mangosteen
Today, some studies have examined the effects of mangastine in human health.

There are some medicines to use the skin to eat mangostine. However, it is important to note that what happens in a test group does not occur in the human body.

One of the few medical experiments tested by Mangosteen effects, researchers found that mangosteen may help to increase the immune system. Published in the Medical Food Journal in 2009, 59 relates to healthy adults.

At the end of the study, the members of the Magosteen group made substantial improvements in immune system (compared to those with placebo group members). Mononestone also appeared to reduce the amount of C-reactive protein (a variable of swelling).

Journal of the International Society for Sports Nutrition for Another Small Study Published in 2016, Analysts have found that there is no effect on reducing body fatigue caused by a dose exercise in a mangostine juice mix.


There is no evidence that mangosteen is used in cancer treatment or prevention, despite claims that mangostine can help combat cancer. In a statement published on the Journal of Integrated Oncology, scientists warn that cancer patients should use warning before the purchase of mangesteen materials. Mangostin can be linked to cancer treatment and can affect blood sugar levels, according to report authors.

Side effects
Research indicates that xanthones interact with normal blood-freezing. Mangasteen does not know that xanthones can lead to blood-thinning drugs (such as warfarin) and lead to blood.

Studies have shown that excessive size of Xanthones can be suppressed and sedated in the central nervous system. Xanthones may cause too much sedation when it has other herbs or medicines, and it may be toxic in large quantities. Human studies are not conducted.

Supplements have not been tested for security, and food products are often not organized, and some products may be mentioned in the product label. Keep in mind that extra care is not guaranteed by pregnant women, medical mothers, children and nurses or taking medicines. Remember that you will get tips by using additional apps, but you can maintain a condition and avoid quality maintenance.

Mangosteen shapes
Often sold as a fruit or juice, is available in mangostine capsule or powdered form or as a tea.

A tropical fruit, mangesteen is a soft, fleshy flesh. However, if there is no support for research, a sanitary recommendation for any health center can not be recommended. If you're using Monongstein to treat or prevent any health condition first, talk to your doctor.

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